Oak Veneer and Solid Oak Slatted Backboard Colour Swatches

Veneers are real wood-faced boards, a thin layer of solid wood that is bonded to a board surface using heat, pressure and glue. The advantages of using veneer include getting a real wood product, without the cost or weight of solid wood with the added benefit of it bring far more environmentally friendly. We work in Okoume, White Oak and American Walnut. Additional wood species can be sourced on request. Veneer is also very easy to clean, by simply use a damp cloth. Don’t use cleaning products, abrasive cleaners or furniture polishes etc.

Our Wallrooms are finished in a single coat oil based wood stain that does not require maintenance. It nourishes, colours and enhances the grain of wood while at the same time protecting the wood against water, heat and sunlight. Note : wood changes colour when exposed to light, how quickly the change occurs depends on the species of wood and intensity of exposure. At Wallroom, we only source 100% original and authentic boards. We use the best product available that guarantees our consistent quality.