100% South African manufactured floating wall mounted TV units is what we do and what you want to buy.

Interior pieces and designs that will be trendy for your home in 2022 – declutter, minimise and optimise your spaces now (and opt for Floating TV’s and furniture)!

According to leading interior design gurus at Decorilla, materials that will be trendy for home design in 2022 include lots of natural finishes, smarter furniture and materials that offer a multifunctional design space. Luckily for our Wallroom clients, we have everything to maximise your interior appeal with a minimalist piece. Our meticulously crafted TV units that express a ‘floating furniture’ feeling take up absolutely zero floor space all while giving you a luxury experience with storage. Our Wallrooms are expertly designed for your customisations and can fit into any space you need. New Decor Trends suggests that focusing on functionality and form is of absolute importance when looking at designing your living space. Here at Wallroom, we specialise in that exact modelling – offering our clients the ability to custom design and execute statement pieces of furniture made out of the best quality materials.

Floating TV’s – are customised, off-the-floor, TV mounts worth it?

Wall-mounted entertainment areas are becoming increasingly popular as more people are choosing to prioritise media rooms, making the television an important piece that needs to be able to function well in a space, but also look good. Here at Wallroom, we are experts at creating modern, luxury TV mounts and units customised to your wall size, interior space, TV size, plug sockets and more importantly, the extra storage that’s always needed in a living room. There is so much more to the modern ‘floating’ TV unit than just providing space for your TV set and a cabinet or two for different gadgets and accessories. More importantly, floating units offer a wide range of open shelves, closed cabinets, floating shelves and custom storage options as well, all while taking up absolutely zero floor space. Decoist notes that this in itself makes the unit a focal point of the living room allowing homeowners to expand their design ideas after.

So what’s the verdict? Get a Wallroom!

Wallroom offers our clients a bespoke product that’s timeless in design and material, all while maintaining the functionality and practicality of the now. When ordering a Wallroom, we optimise everything to our client’s needs – from colour palettes, finishes, materials and lighting, to plug-points, wall space, TV sizes, storage needs and more. Every Wallroom is made uniquely to fit the needs and desires of our clients. Wallroom offers the South African homeowner an opportunity to get hold of one of the leading design features of the future – bespoke, modern, timeless and luxury units that take up less and less floor space. More than that, we offer coffee tables to match your customised Wallroom unit, as well as bedroom, dining room, and workspace furniture (you can view that here). Still undecided? Why not scroll through some of our pieces on our website or contact us for more.

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