Frequently Asked Questions

For all your queries, see our questions and answers below:
1What is the lead time?
Four - six weeks from the moment you place your order
2Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, dependant on design, the deposit will be 30 or 50%
3Are there additional payment options?
We offer a lay-bye option of three equal payments over three months
4Can I pay after installation?
Full payment is required prior to delivery
5What type of payments are accepted?
EFT (preferred) or in-office payments
6Where can I find your banking details?
The quote you receive with your order will have our banking details
7What is the delivery cost?
Johannesburg and Pretoria are standard, while nationwide deliveries will be quoted on your application
8Where else do you deliver?
We deliver to all major centres
9Do you have a retail store?
No, but we have our full range of material and colour samples and limited products available for viewing
10Where are the Wallroom offices located?
We are located in JHB
11Can I come and see your products?
Of course! Please book an appointment with us
12Do you have a showroom?
Yes, however, please note that we have limited products, but a full range of material samples available for viewing at our office. We have our full range of material and colour samples and limited products available for viewing
13What are your opening times?
To assure you of our personal attention, we attend to each customer by appointment
14Can I collect?
Of course!
15Do you have stock available?
Due to the bespoke nature of our products, we manufacture to order
16Where are Wallroom products made?
We manufacture our full range in Johannesburg
17Do you require a site visit?
Dependent on your choice of design and any access restriction concerns you may have, we can conduct a site visit at a small fee
18Can I order a custom unit?
Please contact us with a picture for further info
19How can I be sure it will fit my space?
We can provide full specifications for you to measure it out in your home. Alternatively, at a minimal fee, we can conduct a site visit
20Can you hide plugs and wires?
Yes, we have an ingenious solution in the form of fins to hide those pesky wires.
21How heavy are Wallrooms?
We don’t recommend you lift it up by yourself. The products are heavy and differ in weight by design.
22Can you incorporate a fireplace?
As it turns out, our products aren’t fireproof and the wood will burn. We don’t recommend this.
23What materials do you use?
We use a variety of laminates, wood veneers & solid wood slats.
24Are Wallroom products flat-packed?
No, they are delivered fully assembled, no assembly is required on your side.
25How long does installation take?
Providing no challenges on-site, 60 to 90 minutes is all we need.
26Who does the installation?
Wallroom offers installation in JHB & PTA, and we can refer you to installers in DBN & CT.
27Can we do the installation ourselves?
Some customers manage to install our products themselves. You should know that our products are hung with French cleats, a very popular and common way of securing objects to a wall.
28How does the TV get attached to the unit?
We use a standard TV bracket here.
29Can you incorporate existing furniture into the Wallroom?
Unfortunately, this cannot be done.
30Can you match materials?
Yes, we match almost all laminates and a lot of veneers.