Access Restrictions


Our units are delivered fully assembled. The biggest part of this unit varies and you’ll find this detailed in the quotations provided. Please note that these products require an adequate turning circle should they need to go upstairs or into a room where there are tight corners.

Building restrictions

Please advise if your ceiling is not the standard height of 2.4m. Please advise if the wall is curved. Please note that due to its weight, our Wallroom products cannot be hung on dry-walling.


If you are uncertain about your space, please request this option before placing your order. Please contact us with a picture of your area.

Plugs, sockets, connections

Wallroom units cannot be hung over plug sockets that are positioned lower down on the wall. We require at least 20cm of clearance above the unit to hang. There is a recess of 3cm behind the centre of the backboard to allow for a single 3 pin plug should that be the position of the plug socket.

Notification requirements

Please note and inform us in detail of the position and sizes of plug points/sockets, routers, fibre and DSTV boxes, conduit/trunking, light switches, and air conditioners. Please advise if the unit is to be installed in an alcove (indent in the wall). Please advise if the unit is to be installed between windows.

Delivery agents

Please advise us at the time of placing the order if there are any such restrictions. Wallroom or the delivering agents cannot take responsibility where access cannot be gained due to these restrictions. Where difficulties are encountered, Wallroom or their delivery agents reserves the right to make the call on whether the delivery will be possible.